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I HEREBY ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS OF PARTICIPATING IN ANY/ALL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATED WITH REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION, including by way of example and not limitation, any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities being released, from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained, or controlled by them, or because of their

possible liability without fault.

I acknowledge that this information will be used by the event holders, sponsors, and organizers of the activity in which you may participate, and that it will govern your actions and responsibilities at said activity. In consideration of my application and permitting me to participate in this activity, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows:


(A) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this activity, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES OR PERSONS: MY DANCE STUDIO OR ACADEMY, AND ALL THE PARTICIPANTS UNDER THE NAME OF MY STUDIO OR DANCE ACADEMY. MYSELF IF THE CASE IS IN WHICH I AM NOT REPRESENTED BY ANY STUDIO and/or their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and agents, and the activity holders, sponsors, and volunteers.

(B) INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation in this activity, whether caused by the negligence of release or otherwise. I acknowledge that they are NOT responsible for the errors, omissions, acts, or failures to act of any party or entity conducting a specific activity on their behalf. I acknowledge that this activity may involve a test of a person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury, and property loss. The risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, condition of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic, lack of hydration, and actions of other people including, but not limited to, participants, volunteers, monitors, and/or producers of the activity. These risks are not only inherent to participants, but are also present for volunteers. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during this activity.


(C) Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, however, REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION cannot prevent you (or your children) from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while attending REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION's Events and/or entering Company s premises. It is

not possible to completely prevent against the presence of the disease. Therefore, if you choose to attend REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION´s Events and/or enter onto REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION´s premises you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Assumption of risks I have read and understood the above warning concerning COVID-19. I hereby choose to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 for myself and/or my children in order to attend REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION´s events and/or entering REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION´s premises. These services are of such value to me (and/or my children) that I accept the risk of being exposed to, contracting, and/or spreading COVID-19 in order to attend REVOLT INTENSIVE AND COMPETITION´s events and/or premises in person I understand while participating in this activity, I may be photographed. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the activity holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns.

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