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The appropriate level of performance (Level A, Level B, and Level C) must be determined at the discretion of the teacher using the table below:

Level A

1-4 hours a week of dance technique training

Level B

5-7 hours a week of dance technique training

Level C

8+ hours a week of dance technique training

It is recommended that levels are determined based on the number of hours of classes per week and not rehearsals. However, it is important to recognize that in addition to classes, other factors can be taken into account in determining your students placement:


  • Years of dance experience within the classroom

  • Years of experience in competitive dance

  • The variety and quality of hours of dance training


The routine can be promoted to a different level category if two or more judges mark the PROMOTION BOX in their score sheet, suggesting that the routine must be bumped up because of its advanced level. 

*** All decisions of the judging panel and the competition director are final and cannot be contested.