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For security reasons, only props that each participant can load/unload and that are used during the routine will be allowed.

  • The props must be introduced/removed from the stage by the dancers in the the routine.

  • Our staff cannot help any dancer with their props.

  • For security reasons, participants will only be allowed props to surpass the average height of the dancers in the routine.

  • It is forbidden to build props at the venue. All props or elements to be used must arrive ready to be loaded on to stage by the dancers.

  •  At the end of the routine, it is the dancer's responsibility to leave the stage clean and ready for the next number.

  • We are not responsible for any accessories, costumes, scenery, props or personal belongings that remain at the venue at any time.

  • The use of any type of elements/props that puts dancers, participants and assistants at risk are prohibited.

  • In the event that any participant does not comply with these rules and policies, the routine will be automatically be disqualified.

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