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Tiny (5-7 YEARS)

Beginner - Intermediate

Mini (8 - 10 YEARS)

Beginner - Intermediate - Elite

Junior (11-12 YEARS)

Beginner - Intermediate - Elite

Teen (13 - 15 YEARS)

Intermediate - Elite

Senior (16-19 YEARS)

Intermediate - Elite

Open (20 +)



  • Ages are determined as of January 01, 2024.

  • To obtain the age division, please add the ages of all the participants and divide it by the total number of dancers in the routine. Please do not take into account decimals.

  • The participating routine can't be registered lower than one age division corresponding to the age of the oldest dancer. Ex. if a routine is Mini, and it has a Teen dancer, it must compete not lower than the Junior age division.

  • Group and higher routines are allowed to "Age Up" only to the next age division.

  • The names and ages of each dancer must be recorded on the entry form.

  • All participants must be prepared to show a photo ID indicating their date of birth.

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